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Celebrate All the Goodness in Your Life

Do you ever start feeling down, like nothing in your life is going right? Do you feel like no one has your best interests at heart? Do you feel like what you want isn't important?

It is easy to feel like this in a world where everyone is so hyper focused on their own lives that it seems they don't care about you.

You may feel disappointed when it feels like all your accomplishments and hard work go with nothing to show for them. The people in your life don't care about how hard you work and how much you have done.

You may have dreams that are going unrealized because it seems like there are so many more important things for you to be doing than chasing them.

That is why it is important to care for and love yourself. It is important to celebrate your wins, and celebrate the goodness in your life. Even if no one else is celebrating your accomplishments, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't celebrate them

Always Celebrate Wins

Did you win an award, complete an important project, or get your house spotlessly clean even with the kids at home? All of these can feel like a big accomplishment.

If the people in your life aren't appreciating what you have done, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't appreciate it. You can still feel pride in your accomplishments, even if other people don't. In fact, it is even more important to take a sense of pride in yourself when you are the only one.

Having a sense of pride and accomplishment about yourself can help you keep going through almost any situation. It gives you confidence in yourself, that you can do difficult things well.

When something goes right, or when you do a great job with something, take time to celebrate yourself!

You can do something special as a reward for yourself when something you have been working hard on goes right. Some ideas are:

  • Take yourself out for a special treat

  • Pamper yourself

  • Buy yourself a present

  • Go on a nice outing

  • Take some time to write about why you are proud of yourself

The most important thing about celebrating your wins is that you do something special that makes you feel happy about what you have accomplished. If you have gotten a certificate for example, you can frame it and hang it up. Anything to keep your accomplishment in the forefront of your mind for next time you are feeling down.


In addition to celebrating your wins, it is important to have gratitude as well. Through gratitude, we celebrate all the goodness in our life every day.

The more grateful you are, the happier you are likely to be. Gratitude helps us focus on good experiences and emotions. If you build gratitude into your day, it can greatly help to enrich your life.

There are many ways that you can show gratitude and appreciation for what is going right in your life. You can:

  • Write a gratitude list

  • Start a gratitude journal

  • Send gratitude letters

  • Meditate on gratitude

The most important thing is bringing your attention to all you have in your life to be grateful for. It can be the big things like all your accomplishments, or small things like the warm cup of coffee you enjoy each morning.

Focus on the specifics of what you are grateful for, and visualize them clearly in your mind. This type of visualization helps to lock the feeling of gratitude firmly into your mind.


Even when other people don't seem to see the goodness about what you have done, it is important to celebrate your wins and approach all the good things in your life with a sense of gratitude.

By rewarding yourself for a job well done, it helps to reinforce the sense of accomplishment that you feel. It can also help you to be more self-confident in the future. You know that you are capable of completing difficult tasks.

Also, when you cultivate a sense of gratitude for daily experiences, it helps to continuously turn your mind towards the good.

These are both ways to help cultivate a more positive mindset, and to find a sense of happiness that is derived from yourself instead of from other people. Having happiness from within is more lasting than having happiness from outside approval.

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