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Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations: I take care of my body and my health. I practice physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Your body is the temple of your divine soul. Taking care of yourself is a sacred duty.

It can be difficult at times to focus on maintaining your wellbeing, especially if you lead a busy life. However, when you focus on taking care of yourself, it can make a big impact on how you feel.

When you are in your best health, it makes you stronger. Stress will roll off of you like water, instead of infecting your heart and your mind.

The better your health, the better you will be able to cope with difficult daily situations.

Your body is your vehicle for life. The better your health is now, the longer your life will be. If you maintain fitness now, you will be more mobile much longer into the future.

We are often taught that caring for ourselves is selfish; it isn't. Taking care of yourself is a duty, just by virtue of being alive.

When you make yourself the last priority, everything else in your life suffers. You can't pour from an empty cup.

Similarly, you can't be at your best for all the things you need to accomplish if you aren't feeling well.

Today, and every day, make yourself a priority. You will quickly begin to see the benefits of doing so.

Have a bright and blessed day today, my lovelies!

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