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Do you Feel Heartbroken after a Relationship with a Narcissist?

When you have to live with a narcissist, you live in a special kind of hell. They will manipulate you, make you feel like you are crazy, and try to get you to do whatever they want, no matter the cost to your mental health.

Do you know what it feels like to be constantly on edge, on guard, waiting for the other shoe to drop? You feel like nothing you say or do is ever right. You feel like nothing you can do will ever please them.

Narcissists corrode your sense of self and your confidence. They make you feel like you are never going to be good enough. They make you feel like no one else will ever love you.

If you have gone through a relationship like this, or are still in one, it can leave you reeling mentally and emotionally.

If you want to learn more about narcissistic traits, or to find out if your parents (or another family member or partner) may be a narcissist, you can check out these articles:

I am the child of a narcissistic parent, and I went through a relationship with a narcissist as an adult as well, so I understand the heartbreak that you are going through.

I understand the struggle to explain just how bad these relationships were to other people in my life. I know how difficult it is to explain the hurt and the crazy making to people who have never experienced this.

After years in therapy, I learned how to set boundaries, and how to take back my life after the relationships with these narcissists in my life came to an end. I have learned how to find healing through therapy, meditation and yoga.

Now, I am sharing my story so that others don't have to continue suffering in silence for years the way that I did.

I have written a new book to help others who are going through the same thing that I went through. This book is a how-to guide written to help those who are recovering from narcissistic abuse.

There is a section on narcissistic parents, and a section on narcissistic relationships. I have experienced both of these in my personal life. I also have a degree in Psychology, so I understand the psychological underpinnings of narcissistic personality disorder.

The book combines science and research with personal experience and explains why people feel so abused and discarded after a relationship with a narcissist. The book includes:

  • Description of narcissistic personality traits

  • Possible consequences to victims

  • How to reduce or cut contact with a narcissist

  • Treatment and healing

When you read this book, I hope that it will help you find direction along this healing journey.

I hope that it will help you along with your healing journey. Please let me know in the comments any questions that you would like me to answer in future blog posts!


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