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Endlessly Chasing Money can Make us Lose Ourselves

Do you ever feel like your whole life just revolves around trying to make money? Like there is never enough to get you by? Are you constantly living from a place of lack?

These feelings of lack can really effect our mental health. Money is one of the top things that most people worry about, because we are reliant on money for our very survival.

So in society, a lot of our worth is determined by how much money we have or how much we don't. This can be a constant source of stress. We aren't living for ourselves or our dreams, we are just living to work, so that we won't be constantly doing without.

Finding a good job that you can enjoy can greatly enhance your mental health.

But what about when it doesn't seem like there are any good jobs to be had? You just take whatever job is readily available so that you will have something. Then the work ends up being soul-sucking and taking over your whole life.

Sometimes it is because of the job itself, or because of a bad boss or bad coworkers. In any case, your work starts to take over your life.

We forget that we work to live, not just living to work.

Finding a way to relate to money better, and to find a sustainable job can contribute significantly to your mental health. Looking for a job can make you doubt yourself in so many ways, and question your own value. You wonder if making money to bring home for the family is all you ever do.

Money is tied up with so much of our feelings of self-worth, that we let it take over our mental landscape. We constantly worry about not having enough. We worry about our survival, and the survival of our families.

Finding better mental health in regards to money can be difficult. The worries can completely consume us.

We may be judged by others for the jobs that we take, or for not making 'enough' money to have a successful life. We may tie up our self worth with our jobs and how other people view us because of those jobs.

If you are feeling miserable because of money, there are community resources available to help. There are centers where you can get new job training, or you can pursue a new degree.

However, starting a new career path later in life can be difficult too, because of the stress of trying to get a new job in a new field with little experience. When you change your career path, you might have to take a pay cut.

So, how do you break out of having to worry about money all the time?

  • Start your own business

  • Go back to school

  • Start a side hustle

  • Invest

  • Lower your bills

  • Get credit counseling

All of these approaches, whether separately or in combination, can help you get your finances back on track.

You can also get your mental health and your thoughts about money and work on track through working with a therapist or coach. Remember, you are more than your job. You have value just for being you, not just because of the dollars that you bring home.

It is a fine balance that we walk between being in a constant state of lack and moving towards abundance. It takes time and a lot of hard work to overcome our fears about money.

Even if you are in the midst of a job search, make sure that you take some time every day to think about something else, and to do something good for yourself. Whether you are working or not, you are still a good and worthwhile person.

Eventually you can get your finances back on track, although it may take some amount of sacrifices to do so. However, how much money you have in the bank shouldn't be the basis of your worth as a person.

Detaching your sense of self-worth from your finances will help you to be more mentally healthy and resilient, so you will be better able to work towards the things that will bring you more money and a better job in the long run.

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