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Follow the Pathway of Coincidences

Years ago, I read a book called the Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. It was a pretty popular spiritual book at the time, and had several sequels. It talks about spiritual experience in terms of following a trail of coincidences, like breadcrumbs.

Through following these coincidences, the main character is able to learn a series of sacred insights.

According to Celestine Vision,

The Celestine Prophecy describes a real, spiritual experience. When you focus on these experiences of spirituality, instead of abstract questions like whether to “believe” or not, you become awakened to a higher state of consciousness.
The Celestine Prophecy narrates this occurrence and shows us how we suddenly feel– our existence is so much more than we have known before. When centered within our Synchronistic life journey, we become wise and clear about past events and how they have prepared us to break through into a new life purpose. In this state, we feel enlarged and knowing, as though our minds suddenly download a higher intelligence from within.

After reading this book, I started following the coincidences in my own life, to see where they would lead. It led me to new friendships, new relationships, and one of my lifetime dreams coming true: being in a band.

The music touched me and changed my life. It also led me to my life partner. So, in this way, I do believe that the coincidences are real and meaningful.

In my return to spirituality, I am looking for signs and guidance to lead me down the path.

Some types of synchronicities can be found in:

  • Talking about a person and then suddenly they call out of the blue

  • Seeing repeating number patterns like 1111 or 2222

  • Asking a question and having the universe answer with a sign as though it was Siri or Alexa

  • Seeing a lot of feathers on the ground

  • Seeing shooting stars

  • Seemingly random events that connect to each other, like talking about a subject then having someone else bring it up again later

Recently, I had a synchronicity in which I had decided that this year I am going to focus on my spirituality. Then, my boyfriend came across a certificate where I had registered to be a minister years ago. It was like the universe nudging me, saying, this is the way for you to go.

As I started reading more about synchronicity this morning, I came across another article that explains it beautifully from Chetna Jai.

Repeating number patterns

One of the easiest sync’s to notice is repeating number patterns. They are signs that you are on the right path, and that the universe is trying to tell you something.

If you see these repeating numbers a lot, like on the clock or on license plates, take note of them. This is a sign for you from the universe. Whatever you may be thinking about at that moment is important.

If you want to find out what each number means, there is a great guide by Doreen Virtue where you can look them up. You can find some of the meanings free on Angel Messenger, or you can pick up Doreen’s book. According to Law of Attraction,

There is also a theory that those who see the number 111 very often are “lightworkers”. Lightworkers are people who spread light everywhere they go and have the power to bring harmony to other people and the world in general.
This may be something you did not know about yourself, but you should definitely try to use this gift to spread positivity among your friends and family to make their lives better.

If the Angels or Universe are sending you messages, it is important to take note of them and to put importance on what you were thinking about when you saw the number pattern. These syncs are often telling you that you are going in the right direction.


No matter how you look at synchronicities that you experience, if you are spiritually inclined, they are important messages that your higher power is trying to tell you something. It is like a gentle nod from the universe pointing you in the right direction in your life.

Have you experienced signs and synchronicities too? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your experience.


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