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Having a Positive Mindset Doesn't Mean You are Always Happy

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I know I talk all the time about using affirmations and gratitude to create a positive mindset. But does having a positive mindset mean you are always happy all the time. Not for me.

I still cope with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Every day, I have to start again with creating a positive mindset. It isn't something that is one and done, it is something that you always need to keep working on.

Here are some of my favorite ways to create a positive mindset:

  • Practicing yoga

  • Meditation

  • Visualization

  • Journaling

  • Going for walks outside

  • Writing my affirmations

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Dancing with my daughter

All of these things help me to lift my spirits and get back into a positive mindset when I am feeling down. This way, I can go from feeling negative to feeling positive again.

I also work on watching my thoughts throughout the day. If I start to think negatively, or run into limiting beliefs, then I make sure to say an affirmation that is the opposite of what I was thinking.

It is also important to take time throughout the day for self-care. If you are feeling tired, have some warm coffee. If you are feeling scattered in your thoughts, you can journal about it. If you have been busy with chores all day, take a break and read a book for a while.

It also helps to listen to uplifting music throughout the day, so that you can get yourself feeling good and upbeat.

Here are some of my favorite upbeat songs for you to check out and see if they do wonders for you the way that they do for me.

Singing along and dancing around can help you easily get in a better mood throughout the day.

If you are consistently feeling bad, look at what is in your environment that is upsetting you, and see if you can make some changes. Do you have to deal with negative people a lot? Do you have a job that you don't like? Think about what you can do to make a change.

When you know that things are consistently bringing you down, it may be time to make a change. Can you set boundaries with the people around you? Can you look for a better job opportunity?

Whatever the case may be, if there are things that are always bringing you down, it is especially important to work on your positive mindset, so that things aren't going to consistently make you feel bad about yourself or your life.

Taking breaks throughout the day for self-care or to do something good for yourself can help.

Also, I have found a lot of inspiration on TikTok lately. If you follow accounts for affirmations, spirituality, Law of Attraction and Lucky Girl Syndrome, they all have positive and uplifting content. Watching a few videos can put me into a better mood quite easily as well.

I hope that these easy tips can help you with creating a positive mindset throughout the day when you are feeling down.

If you are consistently feeling bad though, you may want to work with a therapist or coach to see if there are limiting beliefs or other problems that are holding you back from living your best life.

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