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International Day of Education is January 24, 2023

January 24, 2023 is the International Day of Education. This is a great time to be grateful for the education that most of us have received. Education helps to level the playing field between rich and poor, women and men, and helps all people to become successful in life.

This year, According to UNESCO,

UNESCO would like to dedicate the fifth edition of this International Day to all the girls and women in Afghanistan, who have been denied their right to learn, study and teach. The Organization condemns this serious attack on human dignity and on the fundamental right to education.

The International Day of Education is a great time to raise awareness of issues such as this in our world. There are still many women and girls who don't have access to education worldwide. This shows that women don't have equality within many societies.

Today is a great time to share about issues with equality in education.

As someone who used to work in Education for many years, I know that there are still great disparities in education in the US and worldwide. Children may not have equal access to Highly Qualified teachers, or the best books and technologies based on where they are going to school.

This can even be true of different schools in the same city. There are disparities in education based on gender, race and ethnicity, disability status, poverty rate, mental health, and other factors.

It is important to treat all children equitably in school, to ensure that they can get the best education possible, and to ensure that they will have a bright future as a result of their education. We need to devote more resources to schools worldwide to allow children to succeed in school and in life.

Today is a great time to talk to your friends and family about educational equity, or to post on social media about educational issues. We can support teachers and students, and show gratitude to the teachers in our classrooms who take such good care of our children.

Also, you can celebrate the International Day of Education with your own children at home, and tell them what an important day this is. And, how important that education is in their lives.

Teaching kids to love learning is a great way to help them further their education throughout their lives, for years to come. Creating life long learners can help to raise a generation of people who will support educational causes in the future.

We can always help to make learning fun for our kids, so that they will like educational activities like reading in the future. We can read with our kids, or let them see us reading.

Whether it is advocacy, celebration, or learning with your kids, I hope that you enjoy this International Day of Education.


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