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It's Time to Release the Fear of Being Judged as Not Enough

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Often, we can be our own harshest critics. However, we can have judgmental people around us too, and we internalize their criticisms of us. We go down to their level, and become the people that they think we are. We reduce ourselves and become less than our true selves.

I have been coping a lot lately with feelings of both internal and external judgment, and fears of not being good enough.

It can really be a struggle at times to find your own inner goodness when people around you can't see your light. All they see is your darkness, and that amplifies your own feelings of unworthiness.

If other people are getting you down, it is time to look inside and find the goodness within yourself. It is time to find the light within your own heart, and separate yourself from negative thoughts that you are directing inward at yourself.

You are bigger than your fears. You are stronger than the people who want to bring you down and see you fail. You don't have to buy into other people's negative opinions of you.

You are pure, perfect love and pure, perfect light.

That is your true nature. You have a bright, angelic soul. You are a beautiful person, deserving of being treated with kindness, love and respect.

When people treat you badly, it is important to set boundaries. You can take physical and mental space away from negative people to reduce the impact that they have on you and your mindset.

Don't let your feelings be dictated by other people.

Easier said than done, I know from experience. It is so easy to buy into negative messages that other people feed you. Then, it spirals out of control in the form of negative self-talk.

Don't let other people's hateful words become the things that you say to yourself.

You are better than that. You are brighter than that. You are stronger than that. You deserve kindness and compassion.

If you can't find kindness and compassion from others, give kindness and compassion to yourself. Be the kind of wise, loving friend that you wish you had. Be your own best friend. Be your own confidant. Be your own compass.

It is time to take control of yourself, your thoughts, and your life.

Stop letting other people be in control of you. It is time for you to be in control of yourself, and your life. Your life really is what you decide to make of it. It all starts with your heart and your mind.

Rise above the feelings of sadness and unworthiness and step into your best self.

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