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Learning to Enjoy Stillness

In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to slow down. When we do, though, it can have many benefits for our mental well-being. We can finally come to a place of rest from our hectic lives, and enjoy what is happening around us.

Learning to be still is part of practices like Meditation and Mindfulness. When you practice these skills in your daily life, it can help you to find a sense of peace and to quiet your mind.

Even if you only do this for 10 or 15 minutes a day, it can have a big impact on your mental health.

However, having a longer break, with some time to yourself, can help you to rest and to reset your nervous system. Lately, I was able to take an extended vacation, with some much needed time for rest, self-care and introspection.

During my trip, I had some time to unplug and do some journaling and meditation so that I could get some mental clarity. It really helped me to be able to be still within myself.


To practice meditation is one of the major ways that you can unplug and calm your racing thoughts. This can allow you to find some peace and quiet.

Meditating is fairly easy to do. You just find a comfortable place to sit down, then close your eyes, and find stillness inside yourself. If you don't want to just sit in silence, you can use guided meditations or listen to OM chants, which you can find on YouTube.


Practicing mindfulness is something that you can easily do throughout the day. It is being aware of your surroundings, and completely grounded in the present moment.

To practice mindfulness there are two components:

  1. Mindful presence

  2. Non-judgement

To be mindfully present means to be fully in the present moment, not thinking about the past or future. Non-judgement means that when thoughts do come (they always will) that you don't judge them as being good or bad.

For me, the non-judgement aspect especially has been helpful in creating a more positive mindset. The more we can be present in the moment, we can also learn to appreciate the world around us more and more as we notice little sights, sounds and smells that we may typically ignore.


There are many different ways to journal. You can do a gratitude journal, or morning pages, free write your thoughts, or write your goals and intentions.

Which ever way you choose to journal, you can find mental clarity through writing. It helps you get more in tune with your own thoughts and feelings. When you write, you just get out everything that is in your head onto the paper, and then you can see what you are really thinking and feeling.

By writing, you can get more in touch with yourself each day. Journaling is a great practice to incorporate as a daily habit.


When you take time for yourself, and find stillness, you can learn to stop your racing thoughts. The more often you quiet your mind, the more in tune with yourself you become.

You learn to regulate your thoughts, emotions, and even your nervous system. This brings you out of a fight or flight state into a calm and relaxed state of being. The more calm you become, the more you will begin to relax and enjoy life.

I have found that the more you can quiet your mind, the more you can begin to enjoy every aspect of your life even more. You will feel peaceful and calm, and better able to take on the tasks before you.

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