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Mindset Work is Something You Need to do Every Day

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Do you ever feel like you are down and in a funk? Do you feel like all the positive mindset work you have done has been lost? Do you feel like it all was just worthless?

We can all have these feelings sometimes, especially on down days or if something has gone wrong in our lives. You may find that your affirmations feel hollow and fake, or like believing in the Law of Attraction to shift your mindset and create the life of your dreams isn't working. You may feel like your problems have no solution in sight.

It is times like this when we feel down and out, and like our mindset work isn't working, that we need to work even harder to cultivate a positive mindset.

Lately, I have been feeling this way. Every day, I have to work twice as hard to find a positive mindset about my day. When I sit down to do my gratitude practice, I find the pages of my journal staring at me, empty.

If it seems like there is nothing to be grateful for, we either need to look harder to find ways in which our life is still filled with blessings, or we need to create something inside ourselves that we can be grateful for.

Some basic things you can be grateful for when you aren't feeling grateful:

  • A roof over your head

  • Food on the table

  • Your health

  • The ability to read

  • Indoor plumbing

  • Modern Medicine

  • Free time

  • Good weather

  • Spring is coming

These may all seem like simplistic things, and really they are. At one point in my life I felt like everything was so wrong, I could only think of being grateful that I didn't live in Europe in the times of the Black Plague. If that is all you can find to be grateful for today, at least be grateful for that.

If a gratitude practice still isn't turning your thinking around enough, you can try creating something to be grateful for through self-care. You can spoil yourself in some little way with a fancy coffee or a sweet roll from the bakery. You can take a long, hot soak in the bathtub with some candles. You can read a good book or call a friend. You can listen to a podcast or watch an uplifting video.

Any of these things will hopefully start to lift your mood and help you get into a better mindset. Yesterday, I spent half the day scrolling through the spiritual side of TikTok to get into a better mindset. Whatever works for you may be different, but don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Life can get us feeling down sometimes, and we can feel like our mindset work has been for nothing. But it hasn't. It has given us strategies that we can use to get feeling better even when we are down. Even if you have to work on your mindset again tomorrow and the next day, it doesn't mean that the work has failed. It has given you coping skills. Eventually, you will bounce back and start to wake up feeling better.


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