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Not All Relationships will Bring You Emotional Closeness

Updated: Feb 28

As a deeply spiritual person, I crave emotional closeness in my relationships. I want to connect with people on the level of the soul. To be completely open. To see and to feel truly seen.

In our day to day relationships, we may feel that this is lacking. Often, we have very surface-level relationships with people. We may talk about day to day events, politics and world events, or what we are doing. But we don't have the deep conversations about feelings or the meaning of life.

Having mostly surface-level relationships can lead to a sense of disconnection, loneliness and isolation. You don't have to be alone to feel lonely either. You can be in a room full of people, and still feel deeply lonely, if you aren't connecting in the deep way that you desire.

Most people don't even realize that this is what is missing from relationships, either. And that can lead to a sense of inner dissatisfaction with ourselves, our lives and our relationships. We may not know why we feel this way. We have friends and family that we see regularly, but we still feel like something is missing. It is our soul connections.

According to Thriveworks,

“A lack of spirituality can harm relationships because individuals may not understand who they are fully. Therefore, if they are not aware of their life purpose, then they may select partners who are not in support of their life purpose. For instance, individuals who are working toward entrepreneurship need to make sure that they are connecting with others who are community helpers and have a heart to serve and a passion to be a beacon of light for others. If they do not select a partner who has a complementary or shared interest, then there will be conflict regarding their choices resulting in communication breakdown and other negativity that will impede the progress of the relationship, as well as impact their lives.”

If we aren't living life in a way that is aligned to our spiritual purpose, then we attract surface level relationships that are likely to be unfulfilling in the long run. It leads to a sense of feeling incomplete within yourself and your relationship.

This doesn't just impact romantic relationships either. Some of the most soul-aligned relationships I have experienced in my lifetime were with friends. You can have a deeply spiritual and fulfilling relationship with someone without there being a romantic aspect. Keep this in mind as you are looking for spiritually uplifting people in your life.

Connecting with yourself

In order to truly connect with other people in your life, first you have to connect with yourself and your inner being. You can do this through meditative practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journaling and gratitude.

As you connect more deeply to your inner self, you realize who you truly are. You feel your true nature of love and light. You find your inner compass.

By being more in tune with yourself, you open yourself to your spiritual nature. You become the person that you are truly meant to be. You grow stronger, and realize what you truly value in life. Opening up to yourself and gaining understanding can allow you to feel a deep sense of connection to all that is.

Connecting to others

As you connect more to yourself and your true nature, it allows you to be open to the flow of energy of the universe. Feeling this energy flowing through you opens up your heart, your mind and your soul. Being open is the first step toward attracting soul aligned relationships.

By being spiritually in tune with yourself, you will begin to feel an inner shift in your priorities and values in life. As this happens, you will begin to meet other people who share your vision and your life's purpose.

According to Enhanced, here are some of the benefits of connecting with other spiritual individuals:

  1. Support and Understanding: Being around people who have also experienced a spiritual awakening allows you to feel supported and understood. They can empathize with your journey and provide guidance when needed.

  2. Validation of Experiences: When you talk about your spiritual experiences, these like-minded individuals can validate your feelings and experiences. This validation can help you feel more confident in your own awakening process.

  3. Shared Knowledge and Wisdom: Connecting with others on a similar path allows you to exchange knowledge, insights, and wisdom gained from your spiritual experiences. This sharing of information can enhance your personal growth and deepen your understanding.

  4. Inspiration and Motivation: Being surrounded by individuals who are actively engaged in their own spiritual journeys can inspire and motivate you to continue on yours. Their stories of transformation may ignite new possibilities within yourself.

  5. Spiritual Practices Together: Engaging in spiritual practices, such as meditation or mindfulness, with like-minded individuals creates a sense of community and shared purpose. These shared practices can deepen your connection both with yourself and the group.

As you begin to find your soul family, you will feel like you are coming home to yourself. You feel a sense of deep connection and familiarity, like perhaps you have known these people before, or that they have important lessons to teach you. The people who come into your life will challenge you, and help you become a better person.

If you are still seeking out your soul family and deep connections in your life, you can meditate deeply to seek them out, by setting an intention to draw the right people into your life that will help you grow.

Oftentimes, psychic people will be able to know and recognize other psychic people on sight, because we feel their energetic force. If you want to connect with other like minded people, you can go to events where you are likely to meet other spiritual people. This can include meditation or yoga classes, spiritual retreats, or going to meet ups at psychic shops.

The more you can connect with people who share your spiritual beliefs and goals, the more you will feel connected and centered in your life. We aren't meant to live alone in a vacuum. Humans are social beings, and meeting our social needs for connection can help our lives feel more complete.


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