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Sometimes Motherhood Means Adapting to Changes

Do you feel like you are constantly having to adapt to make time for your kids? Do their needs change from day to day and even moment to moment? Do you feel like you are constantly playing catch up?

When you are a mom, this is a really common way to feel. We are constantly having to adapt to the unknown as our children grow and change, and their needs change as well.

This morning, I went to take my daughter to daycare, and we got turned around at the door because they have to close due to COVID cases. We are waiting on an update if we need to test, and what we will need to do for the rest of the week.

I was planning on working all day today, now I have to go back to being mom, and staying with my daughter all day since she is home.

Right now, she is eating her breakfast quietly, so I have a few minutes to be able to write. It is always a juggling act when you are a mom who works from home. There are always things that need to be done for the kids and the house in addition to your work.

As moms, we frequently need to adapt to these types of changes. Or, we need to change our schedules for kids' appointments, classes, lessons or birthday parties. We can't always plan ahead for what will need to happen, and we may need to take a day at home if the kids are sick.

If we have a positive mindset, and make sure to take time for self-care and work with our partners to adapt to changes, things will go more easily.

Having to adapt to this changing schedule is easier for me today because I started the day with doing yoga and saying my affirmations. It helps me to get into a positive mindset to start the day.

Other ways to start the day with a positive mindset include:

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Gratitude

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga

  • Affirmations

  • Exercise

  • Reading a book

  • Taking a walk

  • Drinking tea or coffee

Anything that helps you take a few minutes for yourself at the beginning of the day can help you to feel more prepared to deal with the kids and their ever changing needs.

Self-care is critical for moms, since we always are so busy taking care of the needs of others. Personally, I get up at least half an hour earlier than my daughter so that I have some time to be alone at the beginning of the day, and to create a positive mindset for myself.

You can do something as simple as sitting mindfully and drinking your coffee outside. This can allow you to feel calm and centered before you start the day.

To learn more about Mindfulness, you can check out:

Personally, I find that practicing mindfulness can help me to feel more positive about life, and more grounded in the moment. When you practice mindfulness, you are being present in the moment and perfectly aware of what is going on around you.

The other aspect of mindfulness is non-judgement. Which means that you don't judge your thoughts as good or bad.

Mindfulness is similar to meditation, but it can take less time, and you can be mindful during any activity that you are doing throughout the day. This can help when you are busy with kids all day!

So, I highly recommend taking some time for self-care and mindfulness throughout the day as a mom so that you can feel calm with the kids crazy routines. It can also help you to maintain a positive mindset throughout the day and to be happier in life.


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