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There are Many Great Health Benefits of Biking for Fitness

You know that old saying, "It's just like riding a bicycle?" Well, getting back on a bicycle as an adult can have many health benefits, and you probably already know how! Most kids use their bikes to get from place to place, and you can do that too, or go out and hit the trails.

If you haven't ridden a bike for a while, you probably want to start out with short rides to build back up your stamina. But once you do, you can gradually go out for longer and longer rides. After a while, your bike can even replace your car for short errands. Not only is this great for your health, it is great for the environment too!

Since riding a bicycle is low impact, it is an easy form of exercise that most everyone can do. (If you are suffering from an injury, check with your doctor first!) Also, if you are a mom, you can go biking with the kids, and they are sure to enjoy the outdoor outing. Modeling a healthy lifestyle is great for kids too.

According to Healthline, here are 12 great benefits of riding a bike:

1. Cycling may help you lose weight

2. Cycling will help strengthen your legs

3. Cycling is good for beginners

4. Cycling may lower cholesterol

5. Cycling boosts mental health and brain power

6. Cycling can help people with cancer

7. Cycling can offer a positive start to your morning

8. Cycling may help prevent and manage medical conditions

9. Cycling is environmentally friendly

10. Cycling improves balance, posture, and coordination

11. Cycling is a low impact option

12. Cycling may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Since heart attacks can be a leading cause of death, the fact that biking can help your heart by lowering cholesterol and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, this is a huge benefit! Taking care of your heart is an important reason to stay fit, and biking is a great addition to your fitness routine.

If you are just starting out with an exercise routine, not to worry, biking is a great activity for people of all fitness levels. WebMD recommends biking for 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days a week to get the optimal benefits. This may sound like a lot if you are just starting out, so make sure to take things easy. You can start with 10-15 minutes a day and then work up from there. As with any fitness routine, you don't want to overdo it when you are just starting out.

With all the benefits of biking, it is something well worth giving a try! In addition to the benefits of being on the bike, there are additional benefits to outdoor exercise in general. Being outdoors in the sunlight can boost your mood and help with anxiety and depression.

When you start biking, you will probably be looking to spend at least $100 to buy a new bike in a department store. If you get really into biking long distances, there are also ebikes that can help you go farther, faster. Depending on your location, you may also be able to get a used bicycle, or rent one for the day. Many major cities now have bike rental programs.

If you can't find a bike rental on these sites, you can likely check your city or town's webpage to find a bike rental near you. You can also check craigslist for used bicycles near you.

You can even bike with a baby, if you get a pull-behind carrier for your little one. This makes riding a bike great for most people, with all different fitness levels. Give it a try, and see if this is something that is a good fit for your lifestyle and fitness routine.

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