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Today's Tarot: 10 of Swords

When you see the Ten of Swords in a reading, it is a signal that a period of your life has come to an end. This could be the end of a job or a relationship. It also has connotations of a sense of betrayal from another person. Someone you trusted is not the person that you thought.

The suit of swords typically represents the intellect, but with this final card in the suit, it denotes a pain that is so deep it is almost physical, though the wound you suffer is emotional.

In relationships, this may indicate that your partner has cheated, or that the relationship has come to an end. It is never easy to let go of someone that you love, but that is what you must do now. Take some time for yourself to heal, and be assured that this is the last time that you will allow this person to hurt you.

If this card represents your career, it can be a symbol of office politics and backstabbing. Someone may be gossiping about you, or you may have suffered a recent job loss. This probably wasn't something that you saw coming.

Even though this is an ominous card to receive in a reading, do take some heart. You can see on the card that the sun is rising in the background. This is a symbol of how things are always the darkest before a new dawn. You need to completely sever ties with the present situation in order to be able to move on.

Let go of the past, reflect on what went wrong, and what lessons you can carry with you into the future. Don't let this loss destroy you, or ruin your sense of trust. Although you have been betrayed in the current circumstance, everyone isn't going to treat you that way. Let this be a sign to set better boundaries for yourself in the future, and to value your own heart and feelings more.

A new day, and a new start is coming. But first, you need to release the pain of the past to be able to move on.

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