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Today's Tarot: 10 of Wands Reversed

When you get the 10 of Wands Reversed in a reading, it is a symbol that you have been carrying a heavy load all by yourself for quite a long time. For whatever reason, you haven't shared your burden with others, and this has cut you off from being able to receive help.

Perhaps, you have asked for help in the past and not received it. This can happen when you ask the wrong people for help. Learning to delegate tasks and be more open about your feelings is what you are being asked to do today.

It may be a physical burden such as at work, caring for children or aging parents, or an emotional burden like working through trauma or relationship issues. Whatever the case, it is important to open up now to those closest to you about the emotional and physical toll that keeping it all inside is taking.

When you open up about your feelings, it is like setting down your heavy load. Just having someone listen and care about what you are going through can bring a sense of relief.

In life, you don't have to go it alone. No one is an island. We humans are social creatures and we need each other to survive. If you reach out to others for support right now, it is likely that you will find the help that you need.

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