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Today's Tarot: Five of Wands

The Five of Wands in a reading can indicate that a conflict is going on that is stopping you from bringing your goals into fruition. If you are working with a group, it is as if everyone is speaking up at once, but no one is listening.

In the tarot, fives often represent a conflict of some sort. Wands represent spirituality and your core beliefs. Therefore, it is a conflict about which core beliefs are important to your group. This could be ideological differences at work, or differences in the family about how to raise a child or something similar.

Whatever the case, you may not be able to resolve these ideological differences on the face of things, however it is still important to listen. Take in all the diverse viewpoints that are vying to be heard. By allowing everyone their chance to speak and be heard, then you can make everyone feel like their ideas are valued.

If you are undertaking a project alone, you may be struggling with your own spiritual path, and having a lot of mental clamor about what is meant to come next. There may be many choices or paths vying for your attention right now, and it is important to thoughtfully consider each. Try writing up the pros and cons, if you find that helpful.

Whether this is an internal or external struggle, by the end of things through having proper communication and truly listening to all viewpoints, you will be able to clarify your own beliefs and understand the beliefs of others. This will allow you to better find common ground and forge a way forward.

I hope you find this reading helpful today, and feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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