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Today's Tarot: Knight of Wands

You have been planning action towards a new spiritual goal for quite a while now. As time passes, you are beginning to feel a sense of urgency about your goals, like things should have been done yesterday. Don't let this sense of impatience make you reckless as you pursue your goals. Instead, let your passion fuel well planned actions.

This is the time to act on what you have been planning to put into motion for quite some time now. You don't need to wait any longer. The knight card signifies action, and the start of a new journey. Whether this is an inner journey towards a deeper knowing of the mysteries, or an outer journey towards a new place or a new course of action, it is time for you to begin.

With the eclipse energy of October being in full swing, the energy of the moon is also saying to cut off the past and begin again. You have the power now to do what needs to be done. It is time to bring everything you have been imagining to life.

Be aware that on this new adventure, there may be dangers lurking. However, don't allow yourself to be swayed by this. A knight is well equipped for slaying dragons. In this same way, you are prepared for whatever may come your way.

Your energy is strong right now, and others may be inspired by your actions as well. However, although you are ready to start the journey yourself, others may not be able to follow along with you at this time. That's ok, you can allow them to be inspired by your actions without forcing them to come with you. That may need to wait for a later time.

I wish you all the best on your new journey, and hope that you will be blessed with both luck and courage along your path!

Let me know in the comments if this resonates with you, and if you have any questions!

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