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Today's Tarot: Queen of Cups

In the tarot deck, the Queen of Cups represents a nurturing mother who is in tune with her emotions, and the emotions of those around her. Receiving this sign shows that you are in tune on an emotional wavelength. You are focused on feelings, and exuding compassion to those around you.

The Queen of Cups is Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, in flow.

Though you are deeply in tune with the emotions of others and are perhaps an empath, you have learned not to take on the emotions of others. You feel their feelings, but you know that they aren't your own. You can help others intuitively without becoming enmeshed in their problems.

This card may be an indication that you are a healer of some sort: a therapist, coach, nurse, doctor or teacher. If this is the case, you have found a position that is well suited to your skills. It can also be in indication that you are a good friend that others come to for advice with their emotional and relationship issues. You can always be trusted to give good advice in a compassionate and caring way.

Additionally, if you are involved in creative projects, you approach them from a very intuitive angle. You use your feelings and intuition to guide you on the right path in your endeavors. You can tell if something feels 'off' even when there is no outward indication of this. Trust your intuition, it is your truest guide.

Allow the love that exudes from this card flow to your own heart as well. Take time for self care, meditation, and inner healing. As a healer yourself, it is important that you are well cared for in order to be able to continue to serve others in the capacity that you have chosen.

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