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Today's Tarot: Temperance

In the Tarot, Temperance represents patience, balance and moderation in life. When you receive this card in a reading, it is telling you to take things slow and find your balance. Everything you want to achieve is on course, however it takes time to balance all the aspects of yourself and your life.

When you are seeking balance in life, it is important to take the middle path between self indulgence and self denial. You can have what you want in life, but it is important to take into consideration the viewpoints of others as well. When you do this, you create harmony and cooperation between yourself and the people in your life.

You may be being asked to take on a peace keeping role between others as well. Make sure that everyone has a chance to be heard, and that others are genuinely listening. It is by listening with an open heart that we take in other's diverse viewpoints and foster cooperation.

There is also an element of alchemy to the Temperance card as well. This means, you are blending different elements to create something new. This can be in the form of creating balance between others, or between different aspects of yourself and your path.

Receiving the temperance card in a reading means that you have a clear path in front of you to achieve your dreams, and you are building on a firm foundation. You understand that to build something beautiful takes time. Just like an artist or a musician creating something new, so are you creating out of life itself.

You can use all the different energies in life to create what you want. Use the energies of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit represented in the Tarot to create something beautiful. When all the elements are in balance in your life, then you are truly living in harmony within yourself, with others, and with life itself.

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