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Today's Tarot: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is suspended in his action, but it is unclear if he was put there or if it is through his own volition. You can see a halo around his head, which is a symbol of enlightenment. Receiving this card in a reading is a sign that it is time to pause and surrender to the universe.

You may have important projects going right now, but don't try to push through on them, or the universe will force you to throw on the breaks in an even more inconvenient way than if you pause on your own. Take some time to stop, reflect, and see a new perspective.

The hanged man is upside-down, showing that he is seeing things in a completely new way. Sometimes in life, we need to do the same. When we look at things differently, we are able to see opportunities that we may otherwise have missed.

There is a change in your energy, and a change coming in your path. Surrender to the universe to see where it leads you as this new chapter is coming up. Release your grip on the past, and on the outcomes that you were expecting. When things change, it is best to allow it and see how things unfold.

This is a card of release and surrender. You can choose to release beliefs, activities and people in your life that are no longer serving your highest good. Release limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. Learn to see things in a new light, and you will be amazed at what you find right in front of you that may have been there all this time.

Sometimes, solutions present themselves when you least expect it, in unexpected ways. Learn to embrace the unexpected and see life in a different way. Trust in the universe to guide you, as the new path is revealed.

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