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Today's Tarot: The World

The World is a very auspicious card to receive in a reading. It symbolizes fulfillment, achievement and completion of a cycle. Likely you hace had a success of some sort with something you have been working on for quite a while.

It could be moving to the next stage in a relationship, starting your own business, buying a house, or another financial goal. When something good happens, make sure you take some time to celebrate it before just moving on to the next thing. Enjoying the rewards of your labor is important, and good for your soul.

On a more esoteric and spiritual level, the world card represents the achievement of oneness. It represents what some traditions refer to as enlightenment or nirvana. It is the union of the physical life and the spiritual life, or achieving integration of the two in your life.

Whether on a material level, spiritual level or both, take time to enjoy where you are right now. Drink in the moment and fully appreciate it. This day has been a long time in coming. Take the time to savor this moment.

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