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Trust in the Universe to Guide Your Steps

You are like the phoenix, about to be reborn from the ashes of your old life. But first, you have to allow every part of yourself to burn away. Release all that is no longer serving you, all that is holding you back. Release limiting beliefs about yourself and your life. Release the need for control, the need to know what is coming next.

I am a planner myself, so releasing and trusting the Universe has been a difficult task. But, in these last weeks, I have surrendered my will to the greater good.

For the longest time, I have felt myself balanced on the edge of a cliff, as if I was about to fall over the edge. I felt as if the smallest push, and I would tumble to my death. Then, I realized, it isn't about falling at all. It is learning how to fly. To trust the winds to carry me.

I keep seeing imagery of angels, dragons and phoenixes around me lately. You know what they all have in common? They all fly. Similarly, it is time for us to spread our metaphorical wings and take a leap of faith.

Similarly, I keep seeing angel numbers everywhere. Yesterday I was out for a short drive and saw 777 three separate times.

According to Tiny Rituals,

The angel number 777 means a positive windfall is coming your way. This ripple number sequence is also highly spiritual and can be a sign that your manifestations are coming to fruition all thanks to your commitment and hard work. It can be a number that invites you to align your actions, thoughts, and decisions with the divine grand plan along with asking you to lean further into spirituality, sharpen your inner wisdom, and follow the signs of synchronicity as they are going to lead you to loftier places. It can also be a sign from the spiritual realm that all is well and you can let go of worry and fear. 

I keep seeing so many synchronicities, it feels like we are on the verge of something beautiful about to happen. I have been seeing a similar message from other online psychic readers that there is a major energetic shift going on right now, especially with 11:11, and the new moon in Scorpio.

According to MSN,

This new moon has a transformative element, one that could see things that were once hidden being brought to the surface. Scorpio seeks deep intimacy by bringing up desires, fears, and motivations from the dark of the unconscious, into the light.

As with the symbol of the phoenix I mentioned earlier, Scorpio is a time of transformation. For many of us, this means coming more into alignment with our authentic selves.

When you are a highly spiritual person living in this highly materialistic world, you may often feel like you don't belong. You might feel like the things that are important to you aren't what is important to others. Due to this, you may even feel lonely in a room full of people, because they are on such a different wavelength than you are.

Sometimes, it can be easy to hide from the spiritual side of yourself, or to hide your spiritual side from others. Wearing the mask hurts though. It's like trying to walk around in a pair of shoes three sizes too small. Sure, you can do it, but after a while it is going to become super painful.

Take those tiny shoes off. Take off the mask. Step into your authentic, spiritual, beautiful self. Trust the universe, and the path will soon be revealed.

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