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When You Are Feeling Sad, Gratitude Can Help Transform Your Mindset

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

“Happiness cannot be traveled to owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

When you are feeling unhappy, instead choose to look around yourself with gratitude. Count your blessings. Find something to be happy about, no matter how small.

There is always something to be grateful for, and gratitude helps us open our hearts to the love of the universe.

Gratitude opens our hearts to look at the blue sky, the flowers, the trees, our warm, safe homes, and to find the beauty there. We have so much beauty in the world to be grateful for, we just have to allow ourselves to see it.

Our happiness is more than an emotion, it is a conscious choice. We can choose to be happy, no matter what our circumstances may be. Gratitude helps us open up to this deeper sense of happiness, because it allows us to be more open and embracing of the good things all around us.

You may not always be having the best day, but there is always something that can turn it around. You don't have to let yourself get stuck in negative thinking.

If you are feeling bad, you can pull out your gratitude journal (or start one!) and write down five things that are going right in your life. It can be as simple as good weather, food in the refrigerator, or being able to find a parking space. Something has to have gone right for you today.

Once you acknowledge those things that are going right, instead of dwelling on the things that are going wrong, it will allow you to feel better about yourself and your day.

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