PTSD controlled my life - no more. I once was a survivor, now I'm a warrior.


Panic attacks that result from PTSD and cPTSD can be debilitating. Research unfortunately falls short, telling those suffering from panic attacks to just "wait for them to be over." Over the years I have learned to cope, first preparing for panic attacks, and then calming down during a panic attack. I am sharing these coping skills with others who have PTSD, so they can go from being survivors to warriors too.


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Trauma Survivor's Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks

  • "Nicole does a phenomenal job of outlining a panic attack from “start” to “finish” with first describing the event and the possible triggers. She then goes into great coping methods (that I put into use immediately) for during the attack. As well as long-term care techniques that you can implement for years to come. With numerous resources available within the book this is a no-brainer for someone who wants assistance dealing with their panic attacks. Thank you Nicole this is amazing!!"

    "I've just finished reading the 'Trauma Survivor's Guide to Coping with Panic Attacks' by Nicole Dake and would recommend it to everyone with PTSD. However, I would perhaps not recommend reading it when you have triggering situations around that time, perhaps not around the anniversary of your traumatic event. Given this, however, I would choose a time that is best for your, least triggering time, as there are also practical exercises for you to do. It will help you to prepare should you get a panic attack. The guide offers clear and detailed steps on coping with a panic attack. And it lists several coping strategies. I myself practise some of them, so I know they work and everyone can find the ones that work for them. I would also add that I like the positivity in this guide. I like how it reminds us that what's happening to us is not our fault. Therefore we shouldn't ever blame ourselves for it. I find this so important as so many people with PTSD blame themselves for everything that has happened to them. Thanks for this reminder! Nicole put lots of work into it. The guide is written in an informal language so everyone can understand it, with the specific terms well explained. Thanks, Nicole, for sharing such a personal and difficult experience to help others to minimise the effects of a panic attack."