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Finding Your Way as a Budding Psychic

Image by Angela from Pixabay

Psychic energies in the world are shifting, and more people are becoming aware of the flow of energy that exists all around us. There are young Starseeds, among others, who are following a path of spiritual awakening. This can be a heady and exciting time, discovering your psychic gifts, however it can also be disconcerting at times.

Depending on your upbringing, you may or may not believe in spiritual concepts. If you come from a traditionally religious background, having a psychic awakening can be even more difficult, because much of what you experience is in direct opposition with your spiritual beliefs. In Christianity, they may even believe that you are evil for practicing 'witchcraft.'

If you are combatting these ideas yourself, accepting who you are as a deeply spiritual being can be quite difficult. You may feel lost and like you have no one to talk to. So, many of us in these circumstances take to the interwebs to find others with whom we can connect, and who we can learn from.

When you begin to awaken spiritually, there are many different ways that this can happen. For me, it happened after a deep meditation session. I meditated for hours. Then, shortly after going back to my daily activities, I had a rush of visions of my past lives. This led me to years of research on spiritual practices, and a desire to go deeper into what it meant to live a spiritual life.

Other people may have a near death experience that wakes them up to the deeper truths of existence, experienced through being out of body for a brief period of time. Still others will remember things from early childhood, and see their past lives right away.

Whatever the case may be for you, there are many lessons ahead of you on your path, and some important things to keep in mind:

When you begin looking for a spiritual community, you may be drawn to other Starseeds, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabballah or other ancient mysteries. When you feel a pull in your soul, you are uncovering an important step in your path.

For those just starting out with spirituality, I have put together some resources for you:

These will give you a good basic understanding of some spiritual concepts, as well as practices that can help you at the start of your spiritual journey. If these resonate with you, I have written additional articles about spirituality, and I update them regularly.

As you learn more about spirituality and what it means to have psychic gifts, you will find amazing knowledge and wisdom through exploring ancient texts, new age shops, online blogs and meeting new people. There is wisdom to be found even in chance encounters. Coincidences are like spiritual breadcrumbs that the Universe leaves for you to follow.

You may see numbers like 11:11 repeating in your life, and that is a sign that you are on the right path. Seeing the numbers is like a gentle wink from the Universe that you are going the right way, and you should continue your current course.

If you have specific questions for me, or specific spiritual topics you would like me to address, please leave me a note in the comments, and I will be happy to assist you. I am both a Spiritual Life Coach and a Minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery. Also, as someone who has been on this path for over 20 years now, I have a lot of life experience to tap into to provide assistance.

You can also check out my ebooks about Buddhism and Spirituality:

There are many lessons that we can take from the life of the Buddha as an awakened one. Also, there are many awakened Guru's living among us on Earth today. If you are lucky enough to meet one of these individuals, you can soak up an enormous amount of wisdom from them.

Remember lovelies, no matter what you read, or what anyone tells you, the truest answers come from your own heart.

Pure, perfect love and pure perfect light is the stuff our souls are made of.

Awakening to the true nature of yourself is a beautiful, transformative experience. However it may also be extremely difficult at times. Finding hands to hold along the way is powerful too.


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