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Learning to Feel Spiritual Energy

Updated: Feb 28

Everything in our world is made up of energy. We learn this both through scientific methods like quantum physics, and through esoteric traditions like Hinduism and Wicca. The more we are able to feel our own life force energy, and the energy of nature and other people, the more we can come into harmony with ourselves and others.

According to Enhanced,

Spiritual energy comes from within us. It’s an energy that our inner self creates. Our deeds and how we behave can shape it. This energy flows all through our body and soul, just like blood moves in the veins.

If you already intuitively feel the energy in nature, and the energy of those around you, then you may have a psychic gift called clairsentience. This means, you are sensitive to the energy of people around you, their emotions, and the vibe in a room. Sometimes, this is also referred to as being an empath.

You may be clairsentient if, according to A Little Spark of Joy, you can:

  • Sensing Energy: Clairsentient people can sense the energy around them, which can come from various sources. It’s not just about what’s visible – it’s about what’s beneath the surface.

  • Physical Sensations: You might get physical sensations that give you insights if you’re clairsentient. For example, you might suddenly feel a tightness in your chest or physical pain when you’re near someone anxious, even if they’re not showing it outwardly.

  • Emotional Awareness: This gift extends to emotions too. You might sense someone’s happiness, sadness, or excitement just by being around them.

  • Intuitive Knowledge: Sometimes, clairsentients know things without having a logical explanation. It’s like having an inner compass that guides you toward certain truths.

  • Connecting to Places: This gift isn’t limited to people. You might walk into a room and sense that something significant happened there, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

  • Navigating Relationships: Clairsentients often find that they deeply understand others’ feelings. This can make them compassionate friends, partners, and listeners.

  • Trusting Your Gut Feelings: Your body’s reactions can be a valuable guide. If something doesn’t feel right, your clairsentient gift might be trying to steer you in a different direction.

If any of these sounds like you, then you may already be intuitively tapping into your psychic gifts. When this happens for you, it can be helpful to learn more about spiritual energy, grounding, and how to protect your energy.

When someone has a strong psychic energy, it is easier to tap into their energy than it is with just anyone. For this reason, oftentimes psychics can recognize other psychics. There is a high amount of psychic energy already flowing in and around these individuals.

Learning to feel energy

However, if you don't already feel spiritual energy around you, it is possible to learn. The easiest way to do this is to first learn how to feel your own energy. You can do this by rubbing your two palms together. Then, notice the sensation that you feel.

You should then be able to move your hands a small distance apart and still feel the energy. As you practice this for a while, you will be able to move your hands farther and farther apart and still feel the energy there.

In addition, you can practice regular meditation, and learn to get in touch with your energy through meditation. Personally, I find chakra meditations to be extremely helpful for this. The more often you practice them, the better you will be able to feel your own Aura (the energetic field that surrounds your body).

Once you learn how to feel your own aura, you will perhaps begin feeling other energies around you as well. But, if you don't, not to worry. You can begin to work with a partner to do the same exercise with your hands that you did when you were learning to feel your own energy. It helps if you work with a partner or close friend, with whom you have a close relationship.

After a while, you will begin to feel energy when you practice this exercise. Then gradually, your awareness of energy will deepen, and you will begin to sense energy around you all the time.

Protecting your energy

In addition to feeling other people's energy, we are able to "take" energy from other people. Most often, this is a reciprocal exchange that happens unconsciously when two people are in a close relationship. This can be partners, friends or children.

However, there are people who will purposely try to "feed" off of the energy of others. Have you ever heard the saying that something "sucked the life out of you?" Well, this is where that saying comes from. Some people take more energy than they give back.

This can be unconscious, such as if a friend is having a bad day and dumping on you about their troubles. Or, it can happen when people known as "psychic vampires" detect that you have a high energy, so they take some of yours. You will want to protect against this, as it can leave you feeling very tired and lethargic.

You can do this by putting a boundary in place around yourself and your energy. You can do this throuch visualization, which you can do any time you leave the house or are going to be around a lot of people.

Earth Monk lists 8 Powerful ways to protect your energy:

1. Power words

2. Breathe in your power

3. Seal off your spiritual energy field

4. A cloak of protection

5. Nature’s cure

6. Cleansing

7. Heavenly Protection

8. Love

You can use whatever method feels right for you in the moment, such as just saying a little prayer or chant before you leave the house, snapping your fingers all around your body, doing a visualization, or whatever you decide works best for you with practice.

Alternatively, you can wear a protection charm from your faith to guard your energy as well. Some crystals have the ability to offer protection as well, such as amethyst, rose quartz and citrine, among others.

Once you learn how to feel energy and protect your energy, you will be ready to delve into other forms of energy such as Reiki or Tarot reading.


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