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Daily Positive Affirmations 3.9.22

Graphic with text that reads, "Daily positive affirmations.  I am peaceful and wise."
Affirmations to start the day.

Daily positive affirmations. I am peaceful and wise.

Finding peace is the beginning of wisdom, I believe. Finding silence inside myself and knowing that I can be at one with myself has made me peaceful. Inner peace, they call it. Learning that I am not my thoughts, I am the watcher of my thoughts.

I have learned through meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Seeing the things around me more clearly. Seeing myself more clearly. Knowing that no matter what happens in my outer experience, I can go within, and back to a peaceful inner center.

Finding peace takes time, and stillness and space. When we give ourselves space every day to connect with the breath, as we do in meditative practices, it creates space in the rest of our lives too. We come to realize that no matter what comes, we can breathe and return to stillness. Wisdom comes from that stillness.

Finding our own inner wisdom comes after we create a quiet, peaceful space inside ourselves. Wisdom is knowing that we can choose to act with intention no matter what our circumstances. We can connect back to our inner wisdom and mull things over to come up with creative solutions.

This means, when something happens, we don't immediately react. We stop, center ourselves, and calmly think through any problem that comes. Wisdom is knowing that we don't have to react to things immediately. We can pause and think first. We can find calm first. Nothing requires immediate reaction. That can be hard in a busy world full of text messages and emails that always seem like an emergency. Wisdom is knowing that most of those things aren't actually an emergency, and reacting accordingly.

I wish you all peace this morning my lovelies. I hope that you may find your inner, peaceful center, and the wisdom there.

Much love always <3

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